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Come see first hand the manufacturing facilities of Kang Ding located in the beautiful garden city of DongGuang, China. We are perfectly situated among the major cities in the south of China, such as Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The perfect location of DongGuang makes it easy for a visit to truly give you a unique perspective of manufacturers in China. We would love to host you and give you an insider’s peek into Kang Ding and the unique culture of DongGuang.

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Can’t make it to China? Check out our factory tour video instead.


“I was impressed with the company on many levels, not just the exceptional cleanliness of the work areas but also the equipment quality and more than anything else the team spirit amongst the international and local engineers.”

– Paul Errington, CEO of Connaught

Downtown DongGuang

Traveling to DongGuang

The fastest and most convenient way to reach DongGuang is by ferry from Hong Kong. However, there are alternative train and bus options if arriving from one of the other surrounding major cities. Please contact us directly when you are ready to book your trip and we will help you choose the most convenient option based on your travel plans. Once you arrive in DongGuang, we can arrange for a driver to pick you up and take you to Kang Ding or your hotel.

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Traveling from Hong Kong Airport to DongGuang

 Traveling from Hong Kong City to DongGuang

Recommended Hotels

There are many comfortable hotel options in the city. However, most of our visiting customers prefer to stay in the King Century or Hilton for their convenient location. We are happy to help with making reservations, or recommending other options. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Crowne Plaza
King Century

Places to Eat

Despite what you might hear about food options in China, there are in reality a wide range of cuisines to choose from in DongGuang, even for the pickiest of eaters. Just let us know what you’re craving, and we can recommend some options!

Dongguan Venture  

Things To Do

For a modern city with a population over three million, there is plenty to do to fill your time in DongGuang. Besides touring Kang Ding’s manufacturing facilities, we can recommend activities that suit your style from a day trip to the hot springs to a night out at the local Irish pub.

Pro Tip: Before visiting China, we highly recommend downloading WeChat. It is one of the most popular apps in China. With it, you can do anything from pay at the local convenience store to connect and chat with the many people you meet while traveling in China. Kang Ding has even developed an app on WeChat that provides you with names and addresses of restaurants, cafes, parks and more in Chinese to easily navigate via taxi to your preferred destination. Once you download WeChat, scan the below QR code to access this resource.


“Coming to see the factory has been very helpful. I came to China for the first time in January when I did a factory visit, checked out springer misc machine and their capabilities. I was really impressed by how they ran their operations, the quality control and everything else. That gave me a lot of confidence in their ability to do high-quality work.”

– Harvey Ho, COO of Gate Labs