History Of Kang Ding

By dedicating ourselves to constant improvement and by going above and beyond to ensure our customers realize their vision, we have become known internationally as a trusted thought leader and a true industry innovator.

Continue reading to learn more about our journey to where we are today as a world leading prototyping and low-volume manufacturing provider.

Journey of Kang Ding




Kang Ding Prototype is founded by Gordon Styles and registered in Hong Kong as a start-up with just an $8,000 USD initial investment.


Umzug nach China

Relocated to China

Gordon Styles relocates to mainland China full-time.


old logo on the box

Received First Order

Kang Ding Prototype receives first order. A small sales office is established in Dongguan, Guangdong – heart of the manufacturing hub in the Pearl River Delta.


Gordon and James

Hired First Employee

Kang Ding hires first employee, Mr. James Li, who proves to be invaluable in helping to negotiate the complexities of establishing a successful business in the Chinese market.


Aufbau eines Büros in DongGuang

Established Office in DongGuang

Kang Ding Prototype representative office founded in DongGuang, Guangdong, with four employees.


new office building

Opened Factory

Kang Ding Prototype Manufacturing Limited Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) established in the Zhongshan Torch Development Zone with their own factory and 50 employees.


cnc machine shop

Expanded Capabilities

In five years, Kang Ding went from opening their factory with 50 employees, to booking sales of $14M USD, with 186 employees, 21 CNC machines in a factory space of 42,000 ft2


Acquired 3D Metal Printer

Acquired 3D Metal Printer

Kang Ding takes possession of a Renishaw AM250 DMLM 3D metal printer, the first such printer in commercial use in China.


HAAS machine programming

Launched AddSub® Service

Kang Ding imports the first 5-axis HAAS precision machining center in China. Kang Ding Prototype launches their AddSub® service, providing customers with a one-stop shop for additive and subtractive manufacturing. This allows Kang Ding to position itself as one of the first full-service additive and subtractive manufacturing and prototyping companies in the world.


CEO - Jonathon Ross

Promoted Jon to CEO

Jonathan Ross, who had worked at Kang Ding since 2012 as the Factory Manager was promoted to CEO due to his passion for growing the business.


Umbenennung in Kang Ding

Rebranded to Kang Ding

Kang Ding Prototype rebrands to Kang Ding to reflect that they provide more than just prototyping services. The new brand was adopted to reflect their rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, 3D metal printing and low-volume manufacturing services.



Looking Forward To The Future

Kang Ding continues to be wholly owned by Gordon Styles, who is committed to investing in utilizing the most advanced techniques and equipment. Kang Ding currently employs over 250 people and have experts all over the globe to ensure customers receive great service every time.