KangDing Interviewed for “Spotlight On Women” in 3DPrint.com

Chloe Kow of Kang Ding featured in 3DPrint.com

Chloe Kow Featured In 3DPrint.com

Since July of 2015, Chloe Kow has been the manager of Kang Ding’s DMLM 3D metal printing service. As one of the few women in a senior engineering position for this emergent technology, she is the perfect candidate to speak about the need to encourage more young women to get involved early in STEM careers. She’s also the focus of an online interview with 3DPrint.com magazine in their ongoing series “Spotlight on Women”. Read about her journey, her insights into the industry, and how she and the Kang Ding team can help when you contact us for a free quotation on your next project.