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Metal stamping die measurement standard

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Metal stamping die measurement standard


Cold stamping die is one of the key technology and equipment products for single and small batch production, assembly belonging to a centralized form. Small die than large and medium-sized die, in its specification size, structure, production technology, sophisticated materials, etc. aspect is not the same. small die during the manufacturing process rarely used "special tools", even if the spark is now also used a "hit steel steel" technology (ie punch cater directly processed concave model tool electrode chamber hole) or up to use a copper electrode it! so according to the characteristics of small die to offer fee-based manufacturing processes, a small proportion of the other. Therefore, in a small die and offer free "special tools" fee, is taken for granted a.
Metal stamping die component accuracy and quality standards meet the requirements of the target, with a variety of precision measurement and control tools or test equipment is required, measurement and inspection program related elements of metal stamping die having a length measurement, measurement aperture angle measurement, geometric tolerance measurement, measuring the residual strength should be one hundred and damage inspection

The following is a metal stamping die precision measurement and inspection:
1. Length measurement tools: ruler (measuring the dimensional tolerances 1-0.1MM) Amusement side caliper (measurement of dimensional tolerances 0.1-0.05MM) measurement of the height dimension tolerance 0.1-0.05MM, micrometer ( measurement of dimensional tolerances 0.02-0.05MM) indicator (DIAL GAUGE, measuring the dimensional tolerances 0.02-0.05MM) and the like.
2. aperture metrology tool: caliper (WERNIER), micrometer (MICROMETER), caliper (CALIPER), Bore Regulation (CYLINDER GAUGE), the plunger Regulation (PLUG GAUGE), ring (RING GAUGE), the inner diameter of the measuring devicewait.
3. The angle measurement tool: angle gauge, angle gauge block indexing plate, etc.,
4. geometric tolerance measurement tools: roundness measurement tester, concentricity, coaxial measure measuring instrument, angle measuring instrument measurement, transmission and outline shape measurement device, set metric measuring instrument, projector universal tool head mirror, etc.,
5. The residual force should test tools: There are destructive and destroyed one hundred two major categories, respectively, by mechanical and chemical formula.
6. The non-destructive inspection tool; radiation through the testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detection testing machine, magnetic tester injury control, infiltration testing machine testing machine electromagnetic induction test.
7. Other measurement tools: measuring surface roughness measurement tool, the amount of displacement measurement device, temperature tester, microstructure inspection tool, school image measurement equipment, Coordinate Measuring Machine and so on,
Inspection and testing
8 Sampling
According to the same specifications of each batch of goods ~ 5PCS take samples or quality control is determined by the play, lots of less than three full
Inspection, there is a standard tolerance of critical dimensions in the case of existing resources that can be measured to all measurements.
9 inspection requirements
After quality control personnel take samples, respectively, the first appearance, size determination, then destructive testing.
9 . 2 Visual inspection of environmental requirements: use normal lighting (40W fluorescent make-lit)
, Items to be measured and measuring surface inspection personnel to the naked eye from the 25 ~ 35cm, the viewing angle perpendicular to the requirements to be ± 45º angle measurement items test surface observation time was 10 ± 5 seconds.

Monitoring and measuring devices 9.3 Requirements: Caliper accuracy class not less than 0.02mm, micrometer accuracy level of not less than 0.01mm, standard gauge accuracy rating of not less than 0.01mm, or other home-made gages and other devices to meet the related arts verify that the file or measurement requirements engineering drawings.
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