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Hardware Mould enterprise features

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Hardware Mould enterprise features

Mold industry has the following characteristics: an independent industrial system. Standardized, high professional level, with high-quality standard mold and mold material production and supply systems. Mold industry has become an industrial system of basic industries. Technology, talent and capital intensive.Molds from the traditional labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive, talent-intensive and capital-intensive industries. Technology-intensive reflected in the mold design and advanced manufacturing methods and equipment necessarily requires high-quality employees, the formation of talent-intensive.Die enterprises to invest in large, advanced equipment, high levels of mold to form capital intensive. High value. Die annual output value of advanced industrial countries exceeds annual output value of machine tool, mold industry output per capita is also higher than the general industry. Mold and its development trend.
1, large-scale factories. According to the survey, a lot of mold factory in China in the absence of orders, but also to expand the scale of investment, which is completely different idea of the Japanese mold companies. One reason for the horizontal development of the mold, "department stores", from the automotive, home appliances, daily necessities are producing mold, a wide range of multi-user, and to balance its production capacity. Another reason is that the unit is attached to the assembly to expand in all areas coming longitudinal development. In contrast to this desire to expand the scale, the pursuit of modern technology to increase the added value of such enterprises are rarely seen.
2, the acquisition of technology. With good equipment not mastered the art of the corresponding skilled workers and can not get good benefits, nurture talent takes time, it is better to buy more convenient. There are many private companies than their foreign equipment is better than Japan, hired Japanese technicians or technical adviser, deputy general manager in the field guide, not only please the Japanese, the Koreans also have requested. Since Japan may also worry about talent outflow outflow associated with the technology, the Japanese quit, Koreans can undertake this task.

3, the division of labor specialization. Pyramid organizational systems have a considerable size of the mold factory has a very detailed division of labor and professional, they are generally divided into design, machining, finishing machining, such as design work and further divided into CAD, CAM, mechanical processing they were sharing on EDM, wire cutting, NC machining, finishing work is divided in there grinding and meticulous assembly division.
4, low-cost manufacturing. To die in the cause of the lack of manufacturing are very cautious attitude, the shape accuracy of the claim even if the number of out of some glitches in the post-processing can also be solved, as long as the total cost beneficial, not to pursue higher requirements. Japanese companies believe that "as long as they can make good things will be cost-effective," the tendency to combine technology and business is very strong, is different in China, "to create a cost-effective and good things" are two different things.
5, efficiency of short-sighted. From a financial perspective, we do not pay attention to the pursuit of long-term benefits of short-term benefits. Do not pay attention to quality and service to establish long-term benefits, only pay attention to the order price level, how much profit, low cost materials and mold construction pursuit of greater profits. In Japan, after the acceptance of a payment, the deposit must be delivered in China. Of course, the conditions of payment may be due to changes in the competitive environment changes.
Mold content contained vary, there is no uniform definition. The narrow sense, it is some type of computer-aided mold design, calculation, analysis and mapping, as well as CNC machining automatic programming of organic integration; Broadly speaking, it is included into the group technology, computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, computer-aided process planning, computer-aided detection, a variety of computer numerical control technology ,, flexible manufacturing technologies, materials resource planning, management information systems, business management, office automation, factory automation and other technologies integrated in the mold production.Mold technology to achieve the required conditions for mold system is composed of hardware, software, system components.
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