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2016 China Metal molds situation of the Export

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2016 China Metal molds situation of the Export

At the opening of 25 May 2016 China International Manufacturing Technology, Equipment & Mould Exhibition, China Mould Industry Association, the official told reporters, in 2015, China's mold industry achieved total sales of 183.5 billion yuan, an increase of 7.6%.Customs data show that in 2015, total imports and exports reached mold $ 7.9 billion, an increase of 5.73% over the previous year, of which imports amounted to 2.388 billion US dollars, down 0.53 percent over the previous year, exports totaled $ 4.919 billion, an increase over the previous year 9.95%. This is since 2010, China's exports face mold the international financial crisis, the growth rate for four consecutive years of more than 20%, for the first time into the single-digit growth.
Although in recent years, domestic exports of metal mold growing international competitiveness also improved. But mostly concentrated in the middle and low areas, low technical level of metal molds, low value-added, high-precision metal mold part also rely on imports, so the domestic manufacturing metal molds in all areas to strengthen integration.
Throughout the development process, related industries and companies need to take the high ground, hidden under the mind, pay close attention to new technologies, new technology research side, and gradually form a division of labor, there is collaboration in all areas of research and development pattern, has launched Mould proprietary products. Now China Mould industry through the introduction of foreign capital, absorb the advanced experience of foreign metal mold manufacturing, advanced technology and highly skilled professionals, our metal mold design and manufacturing level has been greatly improved.
At present, China has formed a plurality of metal mold industry distinctive metal mold base industry clusters as Mould scientific enterprise development provides a platform for innovation capability of enterprises is also rising, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, China's hardware mold enterprises in the future we will have a strong competitive edge.
"With China's increasing domestic demand can be expected by 2016 China Mould industry will continue to grow, especially in the automotive industry, has led to the rapid development of China Mould industry, promote the rapid transformation of enterprises Mould upgrade. "vigorously strengthen independent innovation, the industry change the growth mode, optimize the industrial structure, greater need high levels of metal molds machinery and equipment, provide a broad development space for the development of metal mold industry. More importantly, "Thirteen Five" implementation, as well as development policies in emerging strategic industries, regional development planning and policies to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry will have metal mold industry to provide a new growth point.
Reporters from China Mould Industry Market Analysis and Investment Development Planning Report has learned that China's industrial development is the focus of future metal molds can meet a lot of needs, but also high technology content, in particular, to keep up with the pace of intelligent manufacturing accelerate the development of the country is still not self-sufficient, the need to import large quantities of metal molds and represent the development direction of large, sophisticated, complex, long life metal molds.In addition, due to the metal mold products in the international markets account for a large price advantage, good export prospects Mould products will also become the focus of development.

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