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Maintenance and maintenance of CNC milling machine

Article source:CNC machiningResponsible editor:adminauthor:Kang Ding hardwarePopularity: Publication time:2017-05-12 16:02 font size:【 large middle Small
Maintenance and maintenance of CNC milling machine

  We all know that the CNC milling machine work is needed for maintenance and daily maintenance, after work in CNC milling machine CNC milling machine for a long time, prone to problems, so we must make some maintenance can be done. The following by the KangDing hardware to introduce the CNC milling machine routine maintenance and maintenance:

  (1) regular cleaning. The surrounding environment has great influence on the CNC machine tools, such as dust will be static on the circuit board and the attraction, the short circuit phenomenon; oil and gas, water filter, the filter is too dirty, will not enough pressure, flow, heat is not good enough, resulting in machine, electric and hydraulic parts failure etc..

  (2) check the mechanical accuracy so as to reduce the assembly accuracy between the moving parts.

  (3) to maintain good lubrication, regular inspection, cleaning and automatic lubrication system, adding or replacing the oil, the oil, the movement of the lead screw and other parts, always maintain good lubrication, to reduce mechanical wear.

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