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The selection of cutter and the determination of cutting quantity in NC machining

Article source:CNC machiningResponsible editor:adminauthor:Kang Ding hardwarePopularity: Publication time:2017-05-23 15:10 font size:【 large middle Small
The selection of cutter and the determination of cutting quantity in NC machining

  The selection of cutting tools and the determination of cutting parameters are important contents in NC machining technology. They not only affect the machining efficiency of NC machine tools, but also affect the machining quality directly. The development of CAD/CAM technology, the design of CAD data can be directly used in NC machining, especially connecting computer and NC machine, so that the whole process of design, process planning and programming is completed in the computer, generally do not need to output the special technological document.

  Now, many CAD/CAM software packages provide automatic programming function, the software is generally the problem, suggesting that process planning in the programming interface in the example, tool selection, machining path planning, cutting setting, programming personnel as long as relevant parameter settings, you can automatically generate NC program and transmitted to the CNC machine tool processing. Therefore, the tool selection and cutting amount in NC machining is determined under the man-machine interactive condition, the processing and general machine tools in stark contrast, also requires the programmer must master the basic principle of cutter selection and cutting amount determination, fully consider the characteristics of NC machining programming. In this paper, the choice of tool and the determination of cutting amount in NC programming are discussed. Some principles and suggestions are given, and some problems that should be paid attention to are discussed.

                                             Tool selection and determination of cutting quantity