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What are the main processing methods for metal parts?

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What are the main processing methods for metal parts?

Metal parts of the main processing methods are: machining, stamping, precision casting, powder metallurgy, metal injection molding

Machining refers to the process of changing the dimensions or performance of a workpiece by means of a mechanical device. According to the difference in processing mode can be divided into cutting and pressure processing.

Stamping is a method of forming a workpiece (stamping part) of a desired shape and size by applying an external force to a plate, a strip, a pipe, a profile, etc. by a press and a die to produce a plastic deformation or separation.

There are special processing, laser processing, EDM, ultrasonic processing, electrolytic processing, particle processing and ultra-high-speed processing.
Turning, forging, grinding, grinding, CNC machining, CNC CNC centers are machining.

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