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CNC mold industry: NC, DNC, CNC are what?​

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CNC mold industry: NC, DNC, CNC are what?​


(Numerical Control, Numeric Control, abbreviated NC), refers to a discrete digital information to controloperation of machinery, apparatus, only by the operator's own programming
Direct Digital Control System (DNC)
Using a general-purpose computer to control and manage a group of CNC machine tools for processing or assembling parts of the system
CNC technology
Development of CNC technology fairly quickly, which greatly improves the productivity of mold, whereincomputing speed faster CPU is the heart of CNC technology development. Improvement is not only to improve the operation speed of the CPU, and the speed itself is also related to the improvement of the otheraspects of CNC technology. Because of so much change has occurred in recent years, CNC technology, it is worth our current CNC mold manufacturing technology in the application to make a review.

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