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What is the process of CNC milling?

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Milling process range and characteristics:

(1) is a typical multi blade cutter tool, machining process has several knife teeth in cutting, the total cutting width is bigger; the main movement is milling cutter rotation for high-speed cutting, the productivity is higher than milling planing.

(2) milling has a wide range and can be machined, planed, machined or hard to finish. For example, can be milling around the concave plane, arc shaped groove, with graduation requirements of the small plane and groove.

(3) during the milling process, each cutter is cut in turn, and the blade can be cooled at some time after leaving the workpiece. Therefore, the cooling condition of the cutter tooth is good, and the wear of the milling cutter is reduced, and the service life is prolonged.

(4) because of intermittent cutting, the blade will impact on the cutting and cutting of the workpiece, and the cutting thickness of each cutter is always changing, which results in the change of the cutting area and the cutting force. Therefore, the milling process is not smooth, easy to produce vibration.

(5) milling machine, planer, planer milling cutter is more complex than the structure, manufacturing and cutter grinding tool than difficult, so the money milling planing high.

(6) the quality of milling and planing is approximately the same, and it can reach medium precision after roughing and finishing. But in the processing of large plane, planing after no obvious connection point, end milling with diameter less than the width of the workpiece, the tool was significantly affects the surface quality of the trace.

Milling is suitable for single piece, small batch production, and also for mass production.

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